Alternative Investments

Innovative path to absolute
performance with U.S. Municipal Bonds

16Rock ‘s municipal opportunity strategy is actively managed, unconstrained, and absolute return driven. The strategy is designed to achieve investment excellence, translating market fragmentation into durable performance. Our approach utilizes interest rate protection and a multi-strategy framework in portfolio construction. The strategy seeks positive risk-adjusted outcomes in all market environments. It has an emphasis on capital preservation and is designed to maximize the benefits of the market’s infrastructure characteristics.


Actively managed, unconstrained, absolute return driven in all market environments

Multi-strategy framework designed to capitalize on opportunities in the highly fragmented Municipal Bond market

Emphasis on capital preservation and consistent risk-adjusted performance


Diverse universe of fundamental Municipal Bond investment opportunities

Recurring real return opportunities resulting from the size and complexity of the market

Technical dislocation and legislative events routinely driven by supply and demand, and public policy


Cohesive team led by the creativity, credibility, and execution of James Pruskowski

Industry leading experts with a proven track record over multiple investment cycles

Multi-strategy leadership of long-short trading, hedging, risk management, and asset selection



Alternative Investments