Qihan Deng

Qihan Deng

Portfolio Manager & Electronic Trading
Qihan Deng is a Portfolio Manager at 16Rock Asset Management and her primary responsibility is to design robust algorithmic models that drive efficient trading strategies. Moreover, she establishes connectivity with trading partners and service providers, fostering collaborative relationships that enhance the firm’s competitive edge.

Ms. Deng joined the firm in February 2024, bringing with her a proven track record of delivering high returns. Prior to 16Rock, she spent three years at Citi, where she held the position of Assistant Vice President in the tax-exempt municipal bond trading division. During her tenure, she demonstrated exceptional skills in algorithmic market-making for high-grade municipal odd-lot bonds. Beyond algorithmic prowess, Ms. Deng is adept at managing risk, strategic positioning, and effective hedging using derivatives products.

Ms. Deng’s versatility extends beyond the trading floor. Proficient in Python programming, she leverages her coding skills to enhance trading algorithms and streamline processes. Additionally, her flair for data visualization enables her to present intricate market insights with clarity. In fact, she has evolved into a full stack developer, bridging the gap between finance and technology seamlessly.

Ms. Deng earned a BA in Mathematics and Economics from Wellesley College.

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